Ranks & Commands

Here are the commands and plugins that different ranks can use. Ranks can also use the commands of the rank before it, and if you have any questions, ask Chris or any other player on the server.

 - Default
If you've just joined the server, you can't do anything apart from walk around and look for somebody to promote you :)

 - Player

Players can walk around and use stargates, but they have no build rights.

  • /wakeup - Wakes you up from Heaven/Hell
  • /warp - Lets you use MyWarp
  • /ping  - Pong! A lag test
  • /whereami - Shows your current location in the world
  • /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn
  • /afk - sets your status as afk

 - Member
 Can build, but you'll need to ask a trusted or above player to spawn you items.

  • /mv help - Help with Multiverse commands
  • /mv tp [world name] - Teleports you to the world you typed
  • /mv list - Lists all available worlds
  • /msg [player name] - Sends a private message to a player
  • /tp [player] - teleports you to a player
  • /kit - Lists kits that a player can use
  • /return - Returns you to your location before you teleported
  • /mute - Mutes a player from chat
  • /unmute - Unmutes a player from chat

 - Citizen
Members who have been active on the server, and who we know can build well.

  • /slap [player] - Slaps a player.

 - Trusted
Players who are trusted not to grief, you can spawn items for yourself and so you don't need to ask others to do it for you.

  • /item [data] [amount] - Gives you an item (/i glass 64)
  • /give [player] [data] [amount] - Gives another player an item
  • /rocket [target] - Rockets a player

 - Moderator
Trusted, helpful players. You guys are awesome :) Mods can create and edit stargazes, and can also use worldedit, but ask someone if you're not sure what you are doing because it's easy to mess up!

  • /gc - Changes your game mode to creative
  • /gs - Changes your game mode to survival
  • //wand - Equips you with a wand ( for world edit)
  • /weather - Changes the weather in the current world
  • /spawnmob - Spawns a mob
  • /kick - Kicks a player from the server
  • /time day/night - Changes the time in the current world

 - Admins
Can do everything above and more, if you are promoted to admin you will be told the commands you can use. :)