Chrisf99 Minecraft server ip:

14th September 2013

Ok, The server has been back up with a different IP for a while. All visitors welcome as always. I don't personally spend much time on the server, but DR99 still does. Shirk came back (yay!) and Luke_D_S still pops in sometimes (also:yay!).


2nd August 2012 21:50

Ok I have updated to a working version of Bukkit for 1.3 - this means Plugins are working again. I rolled the map back a bit to undo the griefing etc.


Have fun!


27th July 19:54

This is just a quick message to let you know that the server will be unavailable for 20 minutes from / between 8:30 - 9:30pm. This is due to essential maintenance and me being awesome.



21st July 2012 12.00pm

Right ho everyone. I've had a pretty bad couple of months in real life which has meant I haven't been able to put any time into the server.

I hope to start getting things in shape again - starting with putting Luke and Nagore back as admins.

Thanks for those of you that have kept coming back!




4th May 2012 10.00am





11th April 2012 8.30pm UK time

I am getting a little annoyed with players I have banned being unbanned, or players being promoted for no good reason.

Recently I have even removed specific permissions from players, only to find them re-instated.

It is not only annoying, but disrespectful to me.

Please, don't do this.


2nd April 2012 9.30pm UK time

 Competition winners:




Twi built a great house near spawn, but he has also built many towns and buildings in the past.

Malyshius has built really high quality buildings all over the show.

Both deserve their prize.

Twi, being first named, has the choice of:

Revenge of the Titans and Frozen Synapse. Whichever Twi chooses, Maly gets the other.

They will be delivered by Steam.

Well done guys!


26th March 2012 18.45pm UK time

Competition will END SOON.




17th March 2012 10.00am UK time

Server is up again.

16th March 2012 9.15pm UK time

Server is still down. I know what's up but someone else has to fix it. They are usually very good but I think they have to borrow a screwdriver, some gaffa tape and a can of WD40. It turns out their neighbour is out so they have to wait for B&Q to open. Will keep you all updated.


16th March 2012 6.30pm UK time

Server is down. I'm looking into it.


12th March 2012 9.00pm UK time

Show the world what we can do!

Righty ho. We have a new world and a new spawn. The spawn building has been built by Nagore.

Wouldn't it be great to show the Minecraft world what we can do? We've been through a few weeks of idiots trying to grief our map and a few players who spoiled it for others. Let's make a great new start!

So, let's build a great spawn. Something impressive!

I will be giving out 2 prizes for the best helpers/builders. Nagore is planning things and flying007puppies is "master builder". Luke is making sure no one swears or drops litter. Luke and Nagore have been a major part of this server for nigh on a year now and without them I would have packed it in ages ago.

The prizes are a game of my choosing delivered via Steam so you know you have an original, bought, copy. If you have a Mac I will make sure it is compatible.


Make us proud! Build and build BIG! 

This has nothing to do with the treehouse competition which finished months ago!


11th March 2012 8.00pm UK time

Check out this awesome Minecraft video showing a realistic setup using readily available texture packs etc.:


7th March 2012 10.50pm UK time

 The survey ended up exactly even. I guess we'll keep the new map for now :)

6th March 2012 10.00pm UK time

We have gone onto a whitelist. As it stands, there are about 1,600 names on it - all of which are members or other ranks (i.e somebody has promoted every single person on that list).

I'm going to start some mass deletions, however. Last time we went onto a whitelist there were 20 names.

Also, I started a new map. I'm not sure I like the new one so I'll put a vote up shortly about whether to keep the new one or not.


3rd March 2012 7.30am UK time

As of early this morning we have a new permissions system as the update broke the old one. To be fair it has needed updating for ages.

This will take some time to work through everything so please bear with us. You will not lose your old rank and please don't pester admins about it. Please remember that sorting this out takes a *lot* of time and work.


1st March 2012 11:45pm UK time

The issue seemed to have been resolved, but the server has stopped again.

I think I'll give up for tonight and try again tomorrow. 

Sorry guys. Might I recommend Skyrim in the meantime?


1st March 2012 9:30pm UK time

Ok, I can't get the server to come back up. It looks like some sort of problem with the server hosting. 

I will try to get it sorted asap.



1st March 2012 9:00pm UK time

It looks like the server has been down for nearly a day.  It has nothing to do with the update.

I am trying to fix it but either way decided to update the server in any case.

This means that we lose plugins, ranks, multiworlds, commands etc. for a bit. I have the last map backed up so just go crazy or build or do whatever until the new bukkit release is out. It looks very like I will have to install a new permissions system too so it will be a few days.

Treat it like a holiday. I will :)

27th January 2012 12:45pm UK time

We have no internet access at the Chrisf99 household and haven't had for a couple of days.  If you have any problems etc. please email me as I can occasionally pick emails up.


12th January 2012 10:45pm UK time

Server updated to 1.1. Might be buggy.

12th January 2012 5:45pm UK time

1.1 update.

Bukkit will be updated soon. Until then, either don't update or please wait.  I will update the server as soon as bukkit has been fixed.